Don’t delay

One-to-one training

Staff come and go, software changes - things move on.  Just because your employees knew how to use the system when it was put in, countless upgrades and changes have occured since then.  Your IT Infrastructure cost you a lot of money, and as an investment it was well spent.  Now hoever you could be losing a lot of that value if your staff aren't using the system effectively.

Files saved on the desktop, not being backed up.  Users storing company information in their own personal folders leading to duplication, errors and possible data loss.  Malware introduced by downloading the wrong PDF reader.....the list goes on and on.  A new staff member arrives and presumes the way he or she did things in their old company is right for you, so doesn't ask the right questions.  Even thinking about it probably  gives you a headache!

Aprium can help. We can take an overall look at your internal practices and suggest areas that need improvement.  We can have a program in place to bring any new member of staff up to speed soon after they join - when they are ready to learn how to fit in, rather than criticising their practice 6 months down the line.


Group training

If you have a company wide-change to software - Windows 10 might be an example - we can take small groups of users through an introduction together, making sure the right questions get asked and answered, and ideas and observations passed around between your staff.

Show you care - invest in training today and reap the benefits tomorrow, next month, and next year....

classroom training