Remote support

Screen Sharing

Aprium use Logmein Rescue to share our screen, share your screen, or take control over your computer - all need your explicit permission to run, so no concerns about privacy, you can see exactly what we are doing.  The connection is completely secure and encrypted, and all sessions are logged.


This allows us to connect within seconds to virtually any machine with an internet connection, so we can see your problem when you are actually experiencing it and provide the fastest fix.

A new feature form LogMeIn now allows us to view your screen even when the computer doesn't have an internet connection!  You need an Android or Apple device with a small (free) app installed - again the same secure connection under your complete control - and using the phone's camera you can talk and show the issue at the same time - please try and hold the phone steady though!


Remote support is usually included in our support contracts, however we do provide ad-hoc support on a chargeable basis when required.