No matter how good your computer systems, software, or accounting system is – if you can’t use it efficiently then you are wasting time and money. Have you considered how updates to all the various software packages and operating systems are affecting your staff’s performance?

Staff come and go, working practices change, and sometimes you just don’t have the time and resources to check how efficiently your staff are working – often resulting in higher support costs. Sometimes it can also pay to have one or more members of staff trained up as mentors, so minor problems can be dealt with in house, resulting in better staff relations as well as improved workflow.

Perhaps you should have a set IT induction where the best place to save documents is explained, the whys and wherefores of logging out or shutting down, or the quickest way to set your Word or Excel preferences demonstrated. In any case, please talk it through with us and we can suggest sensible options we can help you put in place, often at very low cost.