Support Contracts

No matter how up to date your computer is, at some point you will have problems. It could be a windows update that has upset things, some adware that keeps popping up, a security warning you don’t understand, a printer that just won’t install properly. Or maybe some files were deleted by mistake, or email has suddenly stopped working.

The list of problems you might encounter is endless, but they all have the same effect – they stop you (or your staff) working normally. This can lead to frustration, missed deadlines or opportunities, and lack of productivity. Quite often attempts to fix it yourself mean not only more downtime while you experiment, but possibly the situation could even get worse as a result.

This is why you need a professional you can call on for support, whenever the inevitable happens. Aprium can provide support by phone, email, remote session, or site visit – on an ad-hoc basis if required. Naturally though, priority is given to clients with support agreements. So don’t suffer in silence, pick up the phone and give us a call to discuss your options – no obligation of course.

Just call our main number – 020 8777 4909. (note customers with agreements should use the dedicated helpline and ticketing facility)